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Why Is My Hair Falling Out And How Can I Prevent It From Happening?

by Dec 22, 2020Blog0 comments

Why Is My Hair Falling Out And How Can I Prevent It From Happening?

Whether you spotting it on a brush or finding it in the bathroom drains, finding the hair that has fallen off of your head can be shocking. Our hair is often linked to our confidence and sense of beauty, which is why it can be shocking to see evidence of even a few lost strands. However, when we see these fallen strands of hair, it is important to remember that a certain amount of hair loss is normal. In fact, between 50 and 100 strands fall from our head each day. If, however, you start to notice a significant amount more than this is lost from your head daily, then you might be experiencing irregular hair loss.

Our hair’s growth is cyclical and individual follicles will transition through three phases as we age. These three phases are known as:

  • Anagen – the growth stage, whereby your follicles are pushing out hair strands
  • Catagen – the transition stage, that sees your hair stop growing as the follicles shrink
  • Telogen – the pausing or shedding stage, when your hair follicles release the hair strands

It is unlikely that you will be able to notice these stages take place but they continue to occur and are the reason you will notice strands of hair falling out each day.

Understanding these phases is important because they are each susceptible to numerous environmental factors. Such factors can be diet, stress, genetics, health, pregnancy, or hygiene. At various stages in our life, there is a chance that each of us, through one of the aforementioned reasons, may experience hair loss or hair thinning.

These disruptions to our hair health may only be temporary, such as in the case of telogen effluvium. This form of hair loss is often the result of shock or stress and typically forms at the top of the scalp. In some cases, as we lose our hair, we can feel embarrassed and stressed, which unfortunately perpetuates the problem.

Hair loss may also be the result of hormone imbalances, as the various levels of hormones within the body, such as testosterone, can inhibit the three phases of hair growth. These circumstances can also occur within a woman’s body during pregnancy, known as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS hair loss), leading to thinner hair and hair loss.

If you are experiencing large amounts of hair loss, you should first consult your GP and consider a blood test. This will help to identify or eliminate the possibility of a hormone imbalance.

How You Can Help You Hair

Improving your hair health, from follicle to strand, is possible. It’s important to first recognise any factors that might be affecting your hair’s growth, such as stress or diet, as these may be contributing to your physical health. Then, you must begin practising a hair care routine, supplying your head with the nutrients and proteins it needs, which can be done with the right hair oil. By doing so, you will restore your scalp’s vitality, encouraging hair growth to return and new hair to grow too.

At Nosheen Hair Oil, we have developed a specific recipe of ten essential and pure organic oils, each one contributing to improved hair growth and health. With its application, your replenish your hair, giving it the vitality it needs to grow.

Shop Our Hair Oil

Nosheen Hair Oil can be purchased from our website. If you have any questions about our product, or how it can support your hair’s health and growth, feel free to contact our team.


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