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Nosheen Hair Oil was founded to support health and beauty. We want each customer to feel entirely informed, ensuring that they are aware of how to use the product and the potential benefits it brings to hair.

Our FAQ covers a range of common questions, such as those pertaining to health benefits and directions of use.
If your question is not covered by those supplied below, please contact us with your query as we are always happy to help.

You can browse the topics below to find what you are looking for.

How to use Nosheen hair oil?

You can start by warming up the bottle in warm water for a few minutes. This is just to melt the coconut oil if it has solidified. We recommend pouring the oil in the palm of the hands and begin massaging into the scalp/beard/eyebrows. Focus on any bald spots, hairline and problematic areas. Work the oil throughout the lengths and the ends of the hair. Leave in for a minimum of 1 hour or overnight and wash off.

Where can I use the oil?

You can use the oil on you scalp, beard and eyebrows. Do not use on eyelashes.

How many times do I need to use the oil?

We recommend using 2-3 times a week over a period of at least 3+ months, remember the more you use it the better the results.

What are the benefits?

This oil is a all in one, some of the key benefits include hair regrowth and repair, make thinning and weak hair stronger, repair split ends, support natural keratin for smoother and stronger hair, promote hair growth in balding and thinning areas.

Can I use on babies?

Our product can be used on children aged 2 and onwards.

What are the ingredients?

You can find the full list of ingredients on the product description page and on the packaging bottle.

How long does one 100ml bottle last?

One bottle with regular use should last around 2 months.

Is it safe to use on coloured or dyed hair?

Yes! Nosheen oil is suitable for any hair colour as it contains no oils that will stain the hair. This is also safe to use on bleached or blonde/white hair.

Is this oil suitable for people with allergies?

We do not recommend using if you have nut allergies. Please do a test patch 24 hours prior to using the oil on the scalp/face

Does the oil contain chemicals?

No, this oil is 100% natural and pure.

Has the oil been tested and how safe is it?

Yes, the oil has been tested and is fully certified. Stability checks have been carried out and have a complete CPRS report. This is to make sure the oil is 100% safe to use on the scalp/beard/eyebrows.


Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have. We are here to help!

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