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About Nosheen

Nosheen Hair Oil

As a child, I would marvel at my mother’s hair. It was long and luscious, always having the most amazing fullness and shine. My three sisters and I became fascinated by beauty, especially regarding our hair, and we spent much of our childhoods exchanging tips among ourselves. When we asked our mother about her hair care regime, she consistently emphasised the importance of pure and natural ingredients, describing how her grandmother had the most beautiful hair and who had expressed to her the same values.

Our mother eventually shared with us the hair oil recipe that had been a family secret for generations. She taught us exactly how to identify and choose only the finest quality oils, as well as how to get the exact balance needed to create the perfect formula. Now, after years of dedicating myself to health and beauty, I founded Nosheen Hair Oil, sharing my great-grandmother’s family tradition with the world.

Most people are familiar with hair issues, whether it is being prone to a bad hair day or an ongoing hair dilemma. The significance of these issues should not be underestimated and being unhappy with our hair can lead to anxiety and the loss of self-confidence. I have experienced this myself, having struggled with Alopecia and telogen effluvium. It has left me understanding the essential value of healthy and beautiful hair.

I have founded Nosheen Hair Oil to help others, wanting to empower those who have lost their confidence, restoring vitality to their hair, allowing them to once more feel healthy and happy inside and outside of themselves.

Nosheen Choudhry

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